Friday, July 10, 2009

About Archie

Archie the little dog was only in my life about 10 days, and we didn't even take a picture of him, so this is just a generic picture from the web. We think he was a West Highland Terrier. He weighed about 20 pounds and stood 10 inches from the floor to his shoulder.

Archie was a "shelter dog," who the Animal Control people found. We adopted him from the Shelter in Waynesboro, PA.

On the way home we almost named Archie U-turn, because we thought we might need to take him right back. He snarled at our son Ethan for no very good reason.

Over the time we had him we found Archie could snap and snarl for all kinds of reasons. But most of the time he was fun and happy and full of personality. So we excused the snarling and stuff until we couldn't any more.

That's the sad news.

The happy thing about Archie is that he taught me many things.

  • To be more patient
  • To better control angry feelings
  • To focus more outside of myself
  • To see the peace that can come with just taking a walk
  • To make a heart-wrenching decision because it's the best thing you could do for your new friend.

You taught me those things Archie, and I hope you enjoyed your life while we lived together.