Friday, September 21, 2007

Use Blogs to Find eBay Products to Sell

You're reading one so you know that Blogs, or web logs, are informal Internet newsletters, sort of dispatches from the front. Blogs have taken the world of publishing out of the hands of the big guys and put it directly within the reach of all of us. Anyone can have a blog, and for that reason, blogs vary greatly in quality and content. But, one thing is for certain, reading blogs can help you discover what other people are thinking about, hoping for, and dreaming of. They can be a great way to spot emerging trends, and therefore product ideas that others aren’t tapping into yet.

You can search for blogs through Google just by clicking on the “more” button from the main Google page. Select the “blog” search option. Now, your search results will only include blogs. You can also use a blog directory to find relevant blogs. A good example of this type of directory is blogcatalog at Finally, you can go to to view a list of award winning blogs. Each December a vote is held to determine the best blogs in more than 45 categories. In December 2006, more than 525,000 votes were cast!

Starting with these blogs makes it a little easier to get your feet wet in the world of blogs, which is so broad, that getting lost and losing hours of valuable time are both easy and likely. Still, if you want to get a glimpse of up-to-the-minute insight into what concerns people who are your potential customers, blogs are a fascinating place to start.

From the book eBay PowerSeller Secrets , 2nd edition, to be published November 2007. Another book you may be interested in is eBay PowerSeller Million Dollar Ideas.